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GBU and the Fraternal Benefit System

GBU is a unique organization. Part of a long tradition of fraternal organizations across the United States, GBU provides mutual welfare and fellowship to its members.

GBU performs charitable, educational, and patriotic acts for the benefit of its members, the German-American community, and mankind. As a not-for-profit fraternal benefit society, GBU also provides life insurance protection, retirement plans (IRAs), and annuities to its members. During modern times, and times in the past, when no one else would provide benefits for retirement, sickness, death or disability, GBU was always there. The society is an active support system for the German-American community. Established in 1892 by German-American businessmen, GBU differs from commercial companies because GBU is:

  • A fraternal organization which wants its members to prosper.
  • A not-for-profit society which returns profits to the consumer who place funds with the GBU.
  • A loyal group of citizens who actively contribute to the society's moral growth.
  • A not-for-profit society which adheres to the regulations established by the federal and state regulatory agencies.

A society that is committed to "Joining Hands To Touch Lives

The History or the Fraternal Benefit System

The fraternal benefit system represents men and women from many nations, religions, and vocations who share a common bond. It represents a charitable force of over 10 million members in nearly 200 not-for-profit societies in North America. GBU is proud to be part of a system which in 1993 alone contributed $202,109,194 in charitable causes. In 2004, local lodges from fraternal societies around the country devoted 91,494,933 volunteer hours, valued in excess of $1.6 billion and expended $389,780,140 to support their many volunteer, charitable, educational, patriotic and religious activities.

The local district activities are designed to encourage members to participate and resolve problems of mutual interest. These activities impress upon them the responsibilities and rewards of service to each other and to the community. The fraternal benefit system operates under a representative form of government and is a positive, democratic force for peace. 

Membership Benefits

  • Concordia Language Villages, based in Moorehead, Minnesota, provide an opportunity for young members aged 7-18 to learn German culture during a one or two-week summer visit. GBU sponsors members with grants to offset expenses.
  • Disaster Relief is available to members affected by natural disasters. This program is funded from contributions made by individual members, local districts, and grants by GBU.
  • GBU Reporter, a bimonthly publication, is mailed to every member family. It contains articles of interest for adults and children.
  • Medical Alert Benefit provides members with a "Medic Alert Emblem," or a "MEDIC" identification card or bracelet.
  • Membership Contests, held for youth and adult members, reward them for their poster, essay, art, and photo talents.
  • Newborn Child Benefit is provided to newborn children of the natural parent(s) holding a GBU policy. The newborn will be covered by $1,000 term insurance from the eighth day after birth to age 60 days. During this time a conversion to a permanent insurance plan of up to $5,000 may be applied for without any evidence of insurability.
  • Orphan Benefit assures financial aid to member children under the age of 18 in the event of death of both parents. GBU takes pride in this fraternal benefit  as it provides an added measure of security for the society’s young members. The amount of the monthly payments varies according to the child's age.
  • Scheduled Monthly Meetings of GBU members at local districts offer social and educational activities designed to strengthen the family and Promote community welfare.
  • Scholarship Awards provide financial assistance to qualified members interested in furthering their education.
  • Special Events Projects provide a time when members can share a day together. GBU supports all activities which its members can enioy.

Complete details about membership benefits are available from a GBU producer near you, or you may call the GBU home office at 1-800-765-4GBU.